Some of you have contacted me about your dissapointment when you lost motivation to exercise. You got busy, sick, or lonely without a gym buddy. It happens.

But you also told me why its important to stretch. You shared your clothes felt looser, and you had more energy. That’ s great! Here’s more good news. The average time to form a habit is 66 days, and some do it in 3 weeks. That means, many of you have already formed the exercise habit. But, just like work – it’s good to take a little break. If your break stretched out too long… Then let springs natural bling, be your new motivation!

Go find a trail and see what I mean. The hillsides are covered with wildflowers, that seem to smile into the sun. The skies are blue and filled with birdsong. Imagine this scenery, while your skin soaks up the warm sunshine in the light breeze. What are you waiting for? GRAB YOUR TENNIES!

Tips on the trail:
Use the buddy system.
Plan to take more time, rather than focusing on distance.
While you are out there, be kind to mother nature. Don’t leave trash.
Consider a camelback to easily carry water.
Have your dog on a leash.
Always wear sunscreen.

Do you need a 3K/5K to motivate you? Be like my spontaneous friend Krystal Wheeler and sign up for a walk/run for a cause. April is national child abuse prevention and awareness month, and we’d love to have you join the CASA event. A T-shirt and lunch are included in the $10 registration.

Happy trails…
Until we meet (or tweet) again.

Margie ~ @Giddyup2

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