Saturday and Saturday night played like a good dream. It was fun, full of friends, laughter and I always enjoy being part of a show. The show theme was “Hats Off to the Community” and featured 8 local philanthropic organizations (including ours) with a dancing model wearing a large ornate headdress and backup dancers to a fun song.

The Headdress Ball raises funds for dental care and clothing for underprivileged children. Assistance League of SB screens every 1st grade child in the city of San Bernardino. When I assisted last Thursday, we saw 112 first grade students. Unfortunately about 20 were listed in the dental emergency category, 8 had abcesses and 2 had swollen faces. As you can tell, Assistance League is very needed in this community.

I was thrilled to be part of this well orchestrated and glamorous show as a dancer and coordinator of a number. As a coordinator, I was privy to additional organizational details and it was such a privilege to work the ladies in ALSB. The ALSB President, Carol Burroughs is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Every time I see her, receive an email or phone call, I can’t help but smile. Her infectious personality really brightens up a room. SHE rocks! The Ball co-chairs, Bobbi Simenton and Christina Milan are also very nice, and they also had the enormous task of organizing two events in one day: a luncheon and black tie event.

There are sponsorships needed for headdresses, costumes, the program and prizes. There are invitations to create, programs to make and signs to post. There are numerous dance numbers to schedule rehearsals for, with multiple dancers in each number. There are cinch parties, so coordinators can learn how to secure the bar that holds the headdress securely to the model. Now you know how those huge headdresses stay put. They also scheduled or booked the emcees, the Mayor, catering, auctioneers and the band. There seemed to be more than 500 participants at the evening’s black tie event and close to that amount at lunch. But these ladies seemed to pull it off with ease and elegance.

Lastly there was the choreographer and model for my number. Jasmine Delgado is an amazing dancer and choreographer, who truly brought ‘Rolling in the Deep’ to life. I spent 1-2 hours with them every week for 8 weeks for dance rehearsal. The week before the event, we spent 9 hours together and a full day on Ball day. During that time, I watched her interact with other dancers, the choreographer, designer and Ball chairs. Throughout the past 2 months, Wendy McCammack¬†displayed such regular random acts of kindness and generosity, she was inspiring to be around. I was honored to be part of this fabulous number. Finally, congratulations to Ed Mendoza, the man who designed and created Wendy’s headdress and thank you to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians non-profit we honored for the number.

The ALSB is accepting new members. You are invited to print and complete an application for membership.



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