Today, like many Americans I will be pretty somber. It’s 9/11/12 and the 11th anniversary of U.S. airplanes being hijacked and the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon being attacked using the planes as a weapon. I’m sure everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing. My husband and I carpool and we were in Costa Mesa, CA on our way to work. I saw a man holding a cardboard sign high above his head with a warning, “Turn on KFI 640 AM! World Trade Centers Attacked!!” We did. We listened to the dj, and were instantly shocked, saddened and confused. This type of attack had never happened in my lifetime before, and being the loyal employees we are, we drove to work. We worked in a tall building, but not really compared to the WTC. I don’t think anybody got work done. We were concerned for friends and relatives in those areas and riveted by the news and the chaos and stories pouring through the internet and radio. We gasped as people jumped from hundreds of floors above and could hardly believe it when the 110 story structure toppled.

What also will stay vividly burned in my memory, are the police and fire fighters who ran into that chaos. These are two professions that have a difficult job at best, and who never know when they will have their life on the line to be of service to their city.

What also burns in my memory are the steel beams standing in the shape of a cross after the building had fallen away. To me, it symbolized hope. Hope for those folks who would be found in the rubble. Hope for the children who just lost a parent, or the newlywed who just lost a partner. We humans are resilient. It may take a while, but we generally have an amazing ability to bounce back after tragedy. United in courage and grief, the country still remembers and pays tribute.
There are hundreds of memorial services held throughout the United States to honor and remember the 2,996 men, women and children who died on 9/11/01.

Many folks have made a trip to New York to see the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum. It seemed to take forever to build. It’s hard to be patient, when you are anticipating something good for a period of long time. The World Trade Center Memorial recently made news because of its $700 million expense to build and $60 million to maintain. Naturally, a large portion of the maintenance costs are for security measures. A trip to see this memorial is also on my bucket list. How about you?


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