Sunday morning I ran a 10K at the Mayor’s Run the Route 66. It’s the farthest distance I’ve ever run. I also had a great time. One street drew waves, smiles, thumbs up and good jobs from fellow 10Kers as we passed each other near the halfway mark. It was very uplifting to support each other in this way. I feel very accomplished. My 1/1/12 goal of completing a 10K, eventually grew a into a more specific time goal of 80:00, and no walking. So, finishing with a 1:07:07 was thrilling. My 1/1/11 goal was just daily exercise, but I may be hooked on these events.

So mark your calendar for mid-April or early May to sign up for the 2013! Run Route 66. Here’s why:
There are shorter distances.
The course is pretty flat.
It was a fun, friendly, family event.
You get to run on the historic Route 66.
You get to finish the race running from the outfield to the infield of a Minor League baseball stadium.
Kids get to run the bases.
Most important for me was safety. The course is closed to cars, lined with orange cones and trh occasional police officer and cars at an intersections. Last October I was almost hit by a semi-truck on an ‘open’ triathlon course. This was my first time on the road since then (I do my training on a treadmill). Even though it was closed roads, I ran to the far right. I learned I am still leary of vehicles, and preferred to be on the sidewalk whenever possible. I think there was also a bit more shade there too.

So, I guess I’m a runner now. I haven’t always been a runner, it is still very new for me. I didnt njoy it so much at first, and the are still days I go to the gym at lunch out of I also determined there really is a runner’s high. But mine was also followed be a headache. So, the recovery ritual began:

Drink 2 liters of water before the end of the day.
Mash muscles (self-administered deep tissue massage)
Cool-N-Fit on quads
Lay down
Walk outside for solar eclipse
ENJOY a well-earned confetti cake Blizzard


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