I rode my motorcycle to work today, and wanted the commute to continue because the weather was perfect, the sun was rising against majestic mountains. I wish all my mornings were this temperature! I prefer riding my motorcycle versus driving my convertible or SUV. It’s quicker. There’s also a sense of freedom that is hard for me to describe. Riding seems to clears my head, and focuses my thoughts. Horseback riding has a similar effect, but then I’m ion nature.

I’m a fair-weather rider. I won’t ride in the rain, or if it’s less than 45 degrees. I may consider 40 degrees, but then I should be on an adventure. Like my bucket list motorcycle trip to British Columbia to see Killer Whales, a brightly painted piano in a public square and my 2 DJ friends in British Columbia.

Now I’m grining. I realize my #UsGuys in New York, Canada and Minnesota are laughing at me. They may even be rolling their eyes at my fair weather descriptions.

Oh well. The morning was still one to remember.

The sky was radiating with sunrays, peeking through the clouds and in the best places, also shining through the trees. The world itself seemed to be smiling. I was only stopped by three lights.

It was fabulous. The description I’m giving you doesn’t capture the brilliance of the ride. The memory is also embedded with music. I was enjoying the view and sensation of the ride, and listenting to Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole sing, “What a Wonderful World.” (That’s the Hawaiin man wit the ukulele, from 50 first dates – a movie I loved.) I loved riding, appreciating the wonderful world and listenting to this song.

Then the Black Eyed Peas sang, “I Gotta Feeling”.

All this comes piped into my helmet speakers via blue tooth-via iphone, like my own personal morning concert.

I believed them. Today is gonna be a good day.

A good, good day.


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