The 2013 ADEE annual scientific sessionheld a gala at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which opened privately for an hour prior to dinner. I showed up 30 minutes prior to that and was delighted to be let in early and wander the museum BY MYSELF! It was the most amazing opportunity – one that predominately stands out from my trip to England. I was reminded of the movie, A Night at the Museum, but no worries – nothing came to life.

20130914-154740.jpg I had a special behind-the-scenes evening and felt quite spoiled.

There were over 500,000 objects in the collections, dating from 200,000 years ago to the present, and the art originated from each of the continents. I was especially impressed with the pre-Raphael art

20130914-143338.jpg and this intricately carved antique piano.

20130914-143747.jpg There were even items on loan from a variety of places, including the Smithsonian.

It was an enjoyable hour meeting the delegates. I also met and spent time with the only two-time Fulbright scholar.

20130914-144313.jpg So, I came home with fabulous memories from ADEE, new friendships and fabulous iPhone photos of historical antiquities, stained glass windows, statues, beautiful vases,

20130914-144124.jpg intricate carved wood & delicate ivory pieces,

20130914-144014.jpg amazing paintings, gorgeous jewelry and other artifacts. This etched glass vase took 9 years to complete!


Thanks again to Dr. Damien Walmsley for the invitation and opportunity to speak at ADEE!


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