Caveat: No snakes were harmed in the past week.

One week ago, I noticed a snake in the garage, all stretched out next to my motorcycle. I was planning on riding the bike, so thought I could shoe him out of the garage. He was a slippery little guy, and found a better hiding place. But, I could safely get on my bike and leave, so I did.

For the next few days, I left the garage door cracked, so “Slither” could make his escape. I eventually saw him again on the walkway outside the front door. I didn’t mind he called my property home. In fact I said, “Snake, you will need to grow much quicker to get my gophers, but there is plenty to eat here and you are welcome.” (I talk to my dogs and horses sometimes too). He seemed to find a way through some unknown portal back into the garage! I figured I would leave the door open again, and he would get too big to use this entrance. The last one we saw barely made it through the 1 1/4″ chain link fence from the neighbors.

Last night I was walking down the hall to check on the laundry and the snake was at the END OF THE HALLWAY! Now he bothered me tremendously. I didn’t want him in the house. I was afraid to leave him, because I’ve already seen how quick he could move. I inquired how to catch him with my Facebook friends and proudly representing the GREAT state of Texas was the brave Michelle Price – aka @ProsperityGal onTwitter. I have always loved Texas and Texans, so I took her advice and grabbed him behind his head like Jeff Corwin. He was quicker and wigglier and I was jumpy. Basically, he escaped into a guest bedroom and into the closet.

But, I had him cornered.

As I was clearing out the closet, I also got a container and a small towel, so I wouldn’t have to touch him for very long. I just didn’t know what he was. When I came back found him under a bookshelf. I considered changing his name to Ricky Racer. I started moving items away from that area, so I would have the most clear path to success. He would not stay put, so I’m sure I looked a little like Lucille Ball. Eventually, the heavy bookcase toppled and in my attempt to rebalance, the whole thing fell – toward the snake.

I missed.

I still had to touch it.

I no longer cared – he couldn’t live with me. I swooped and scooped and popped him in a bag.
Pretty sure he was a harmless garter snake.

Moral of the story: Do not leave a back door open while feeding horses – if you live at the edge of the wilderness.


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