I was honored to present social media information to those in the tobacco control field at the 2012 National Conference on Tobacco Or Health (NCTOH). I spoke to over 100 people about how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + in their work. I spoke to university professors, clinicians, researchers, high school teachers, youth advocates, the CDC, tobacco treatment specialists, activists, scientists, marketing folks, and vendors. I brought 50 posters with me, and was surprised when I ran out of them. If you did not get one, I am happy to forward a copy to you, please email me at marnett@llu.edu for an electronic copy.

Depending on their goals, I recommended different applications. Using more than one is great, but my messages to newbies was the same – “Find the one that works best for your message and/or what you are most comfortable using.” My favorite moments were when a participant walked away saying, “I can do this. I know I can do this! Thank you so much!” I think I heard this statement about 10 times and it happened with each application. So, I’d like to thank the NCTOH for accepting my presentation and those whom I spoke with at the 2012 NCTOH conference. After attending a couple of these conferences, I can affirm that the attendees are really are very nice and caring people. I enjoy teaching and helping others and am thrilled a ‘light was turned on’ for you.

It was a very educational, encouraging and enjoyable week.


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