Today was an odd day.

On the way to work I saw the after-effects of car meets bicycle.  The bicycle was so mangled, I was sure he died. But, he was in critical condition by the end of the night.  The driver was unlicensed.  I can’t seem to get that torn apart bicycle out of my head.  ~ Admittedly, I ride a motorcycle in nice weather and am very conscientious of the cars. These images tend to stick in my brain.

I had a VERY full day of work projects, in a temporary office (mine is being remodeled), and it kept my mind occupied.  After work, I attended a board meeting, which was uplifting as usual. On the drive home, I wondered about the man who was hit by the car. I later found out he was clinging to life in a hospital. I enjoy triathlons, but hardly train on the road.  I prefer training in the gym for safety reasons, I was almost hit by a semi-truck in my last race – so my mind was focused on his family.  I wondered when his family was informed about his critical condition?


As I exited the freeway, a homeless man was at the offramp with a sign asking for money and food.  I stopped in front of him and could have ignored him.  He was dirty, disheveled and relatively young.  Something about him moved me, but I had no cash. I just used it at my meeting for next months dinner and a small donation toward a present for a friend who is retiring. I gave the young man a handful of change before the light turned green.  He was VERY grateful.  He thanked me numerous times and looked me in the eye while he did. He seemed too young to be holding that sign and I wondered about his family and if they knew where he was. In the end the best I could do for either one of these men who unexpectedly touch my life, was pray for them. I am still thinking about them and their safety now.

It’s important to go through life with our eyes wide open. Tell your family and friends you love them.  Help who you can, whenever you can.  Eat healthy, live healthy and give more than you take.  There are basic principles to my life. Maybe talking about it here will catch on and others will emulate it.  We need more kindness in the world. So, wherever you are, whoever you are…  Please smile, and share yourself with others. No matter how small, sincerity is always appreciated.  You may even start a chain reaction of random acts of kindness.  You can call me a PollyAnna, I don’t care.  Where are my rose colored glasses?

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