There is allot of work, engineering and creativity that happens prior to my wearing a headdress for the ALSB Headdress Ball. These headdresses are much heavier than the ones used in Vegas. Like 20-30 pounds heavier. So, a VERY TIGHT cinch is needed, to keep the headdress in place.

A 3 foot bar is positioned in the back of the cinch, near the small of my back. FIrst the bar is placed in the cinch and measured to my height. Then it is bent to match my body type. After some welding, pounding and bending, the bar is placed back in my cinch.

A sturdy helmet is then positioned on top of the bar, and the headdress is built out from there. What is important to note, is the helmet does not touch my ears, forehead or rest on my head. The cinch and weight take all the weight. I’m pretty happy I have good core body strength, because I intend to use it for the dancing.


The Contraption Queen

PS – Tickets and tables are still available for both the April 20 matinee and black tie gala.
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