When I was a child there were many televisions shows I enjoyed. Two in particular were The 6 Million Dollar Man with Lee Majors staring as the bionic man and The Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner. The bionic man was a former astronaut injured in a crash, and the bionic woman was parachuting and her chute did not open. The feats the could accomplish after their surgery was simply movie magic, complete with fabulous sounds (wau wau wau – is my best written description). He could run fast like a cheetah, had an arm that was amazingly strong and one of his eyes was like binoculars and night vision combined. The show made me think about disabled people with more frequency and wishing there was such technology available for them. She could also run fast, had cat-like jumping ability, and hearing that no child would want on their mother. They were the perfect athletic couple.

Recently an Australian woman has regained partial sight with a bionic eye, giving hope to millions of impaired people. Hoorah for technology! While there are many creative ways like seeing eye dogs, ponies or mini-horses to assist blind people, nothing is the same as seeing a loved one smile or the colors of a rainbow.

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