Is your dog your true best friend’? Does (s)he wag so hard when you come home, his/her whole body rocks side to side? This puppy featured in this blog post is Rocky. He was dropped off on the streets of San Bernardino this past weekend with 4 litter mates, all hungry and a belly full of worms. We think he may be 6 weeks old, the vet wouldn’t give shots because they seemed too young. He and his littermate are blessed, and I’m happy to share they all found homes.

Maybe you a cat person… Or do you really own a furry, purring pillow that sits atop your lap?
Some of you are blessed by a bird that sings lovely melodies every morning. I have friends with house rabbits that act like a kitteh – but much softer of course. My horses act like big dogs in disguise. Maybe you are more sustainable than this and have chickens or goats that provide your morning breakfast. If your household is a little like mine, you have a combination of animals. Is the Tortuga Society your thing? Here is a FREE event to have them all blessed. We could all use extra blessings right? Why not include our pets?

The public is invited to the annual St. Francis of Assisi FREE blessing of the animals service on 10/4/12 at the: Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley located at:
374 West Orange Show Road, San Bernardino
Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 9AM OR 5:30PM

Give thanks for the special animals in your life, past and present with this event: Featuring prayer, reading, and special music.
All animals are welcome. Pets must be leash-trained or in carriers.
The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley offers a veterinary clinic, performs cruelty investigations, education classes and basic obedience classes. They gladly accept donations.


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