It’s a street party weekend in Redlands on Friday night!

The Boiler Room in Redlands is having a 10th anniversary party and everybody’s invited! The 18,400 sq ft parking lot will be turned into a huge outdoor concert and a beer garden. Did you watch Tom Cruise pour drinks with flair in “Cocktail” – or those gals from “Coyote Ugly”? I don’t think you’ll get them to dance, but creative Mixologists are hired for the event.

The first band, “ILLfx” has a Rock-Reggae style and takes the stage at 7PM.
The next band “Dose of Adolesence” is all rock and roll and a hometown favorite from Redlands
“The Still Winter” is also from Redlands, and will move you with their pop-punk tunes.
The “Maxies” is a punk rock band all the way from Greenland!
The headliner is “Reel Big Fish”. YES! Reel Big Fish is in town on Friday night,Mus so you can skank the night away.

Tickets are $15 presale and available in 2 locations:
After 4PM at Wild Rocket, 345 W. Pearl St., Redlands, CA or after 7pm at the Boiler Room 345 5th St, Redlands, CA


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