The world is full of all kinds of people. Some of them make our lives harder, some easier. We had an electrician to our house recently, who was concerned when he was a little late. I took the day off and wasn’t concerned at all. He was late because he stopped to help out a stranded motorist on the way over. I was impressed, not upset. The world is full of people who have broken-down cars, in need of repair. It is also full of people who have broken down health/lives in need of repair.

You/we/I may not think we are able to assist with somebody’s specific and obvious need, but maybe we can give them just a little break along their journey. This year, take the time to relinquish a parking spot during Christmas rush hour, open a door, hold the elevator, give a ride to a doctor’s appointment, help a child with homework, help a widow with yard work or handyman things, maybe just say thank you to somebody who has helped you.

During this Christmas season, when it’s easy to get busy, rushed, distracted, and be short with others try to remember and focus on compassion. Give the gift of compassion this year. You can still give material gestures, and have your traditions. But, forgive others. Forgive yourself. Be compassionate in your actions and communication.

Breathe deep, take in the moment and lend a hand this Christmas season.


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