Two days ago I wrote about thecorn crisis and how it is affected my favorite local Mexican restaurant on Facebook. The Mexico Cafe attempted to be upfront with customers about the rising corn costs and their decision to charge for a second bowl of chips. Customers left angry messages. They seemed offended by the increase. I get it, I don’t want my favorite things to cost more either. But, I also don’t know the financial situation of any business, but my own. Their business is in a city that has filed for municipality bankruptcy. There are less city workers, many who have been laid off and more than 40% on some kind of governmental assistance. It’s obviously tough on both the customer and the business. But, when people actively encourage a boycott of a business over $1.25 – it saddens me.

A recent study has shown that Americans waste 40% of their food.. This is not new news – it’s just the current statistic. The curious part, is the owners commented about wasted chips on one of the replies. Which tells me that the 40% of wasted food is not just wasted at home, because we (society) buys too many snacks or sweets and regularly tosses our fresh fruits and vegetables. We waste it when we dine out too.

Within a day, and without announcing it on Facebook, they stopped charging for the second bowl of chips. A customer shared this news on the corn post. Here’s the other curious part – nobody responded to it. Most people know Facebook’s little world icon will have a number informing you about a new comment. But no responses. The complaining customers no longer seemed to care. Nobody cheered, or provided digital smiles. So, did they really not care? I’m not sure. They certainly seemed to care and I read many suggestions on how they would make it right. Don’t tip the waitress, never eat there again – or the desire to organize a boycott of a three generation family owned restaurant.

I think we should encourage and support one another. Do good. If you can’t do good, just do no harm. Please.

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