This morning I am deliriously happy. No reason. Everything is pretty much the same. Nobody has announced a pregnancy (besides Wills & Kate), had a baby, got engaged or married. There has not been any major event to bring it on; I didn’t win the lottery (was I supposed to buy tickets??), my next paper is being finalized but not finished, I was not blessed with a new client last night, I didn’t run this morning – in fact, yesterdays run was sluggish and I haven’t even started learning my dance routine for the 4/20 headdress ball BTW: Please like their Facebook page while you are here.

Because I have no reason to be THIS DARN HAPPY, I thought I better pass it along. You all deserve to have this feeling. A feeling of freedom, lightness and wanting to go play. I sang all the way to work. I often do this, which can be embarrassing on a motorcycle day. But, today’s songs were like Disney happy.

I do practice habits that bring about peace of mind, but today is different. So, I am shouting it to the world! Good morning and I hope you all have a fabulous day too!


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