Established in 1949, the Dr. Earl R Crane Dental Health Center has been providing complete professional dental services to select children in San Bernardino. The children of San Bernardino are served by the Dental Center are from families of every ethnic, religious and racial background who do not qualify for welfare or MediCal, but who cannot afford to pay a dentist or buy new clothes. They are identified by San Bernardino City Schools personnel.

A special thanks to Dr. Margaret Hill, who was invaluable and assisted ALSB by getting flyers to the school district. She is also placing a note in the district newsletter to employees about the dental center. She is also writing a press release and presenting information at a San Bernardino city council meeting.

Assistance League also has their annual Headdress Ball at the end of this month and tickets are still available. is accepting new members. The chapter meets at 6:30pm, once a month for dinner and a meeting at the League house on 6th street on San Bernardino.


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