The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency works to connect qualified job applicants and business. Their goal is to produce a skilled workforce through training and improve the productivity in the community. They serve anybody looking for employment. It doesn’t matter if you are a new job seeker, long-term unemployed, recently unemployed, or previously incarcerated.

There are three levels of services. When applicants register, they can take advantage of employment workshops, online services, job boards, telephones, fax machines, copy machines all free for public use. SBETA helps with resumes; both creating and updating them. They assist with appropriate interview, transportation, and relocation.

Most exciting, they will pay $8,000 for your further training. They have assessments, and market research to make sure there are jobs in the area that you are interested in pursuing. If you don’t have the aptitude in the area if interest, they will assist with training.

They provide no-cost Human Resource Services, Staff Development, Hiring Incentives, Skill enhancement through e-learning.

The agency is federally funded and overseen by the City of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board (WIB). 909-888-7881


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