Apparently I’ve been harping about exercise being good for you ALLOT lately. Well, I’m on a roll so I’m going to stay on that train another day.

You are never too old to get moving, be stronger, more balanced, more flexible and improve your health. Regular exercise enhances your life in many ways: Improves balance, boost strength, improve cardiovascular system, improves the mood, helps manage or fight depression, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. But, despite all these proven benefits, only 30% of people between 45 and 65 say they engage in regular exercise, and these number drop as people age. It’s time to get up, get out and get moving! You can walk or run Route 66 on May 20, climb stairs, walk at the mall, mow the lawn – mow MY lawn….

So, if I have changed your mind and decided you are going to start exercising, focus on increasing your endurance, balance, flexibility and strength. I’ll write more on each category in the near future.

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