My short visit to Florida reminded me
of southern California. Hot & sunny. I’m used to that & like it. I didn’t get to visit Disneyworld (I did eat at downtown Disney), but was thrilled for a visit to Gatorland. I especially enjoyed ziplining over the gator enclosures. I also recommend putting this unique attraction on your ‘ToDo’ list.

I will remember the people I met that lived and worked in Orlando and attended the American Dental Education Association for a very long time. They made this a fabulous trip, because they were kind and considerate. They reminded me of my #UsGuys friend @StephenCaggiano – who moved to MN, from Orlando … Right before my trip. HUGE bummer. I was hoping for a Tweetup when I first planned this trip.

The people in my two social media workshops were fabulous! They laughed at the right places, asked many questions (both by raised hand and tweeting them), and stuck around and chatted with me for another 30 minutes or so. They were very engaged. I’m sure I’ll enjoy my new dental friends on twitter, and I expecting I be retweeting their content. I was especially thankful for the technical assistance from @SBJoe.

I was thrilled to be invited to other venues with this information as a lecture or workshop. I am especially excited to travel to the UK. That was a fabulous surprise! So my final thank you goes to my dental twitter friend @Dammo.
Goodbye Florida – but friends… We’ll keep in touch on twitter.

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