There seems to have been an increase in spam and ‘chain letter’ type of things going around Facebook lately.
“Please tell your friends to watch their walls, hackers are getting into accounts and posting porn or writing on your wall. My sources say there has been no recent rise in this activity. Just a chain letter. But, If you click the links to sex videos, expect to be hacked.

I’ve seen ‘Facebook‘ will start charging for about a year. – There will be some optional pricing coming out soon for page owners, businesses, or profiles with something to showcase.

‘Your account is being shut off‘ emails are a phishing attempt.

A warning email that ‘You have added too many friends ‘ is not verified, but most likely in the same category.

Some applications auto-publish to your wall and you don’t realize it.

I don’t recommend using socialcam the app is not dangerous, but has bad behavior (auto publishing, etc).

how do you stay safe and secure?
1. Enable httpS in your security settings.
2. Enable login approvals in your security settings.
3. Don’t use your social media account from unsecured non-password protected WiFi access like Starbucks.


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