Each February the American Dental Association sponsors national children’s dental health care month.

A reason to SMILE
Do you know a child (5-18) who is in need of a check up or dental treatment?
I know a place that is offering FREE dental services this month to children who do not have dental health insurance. Usually they charge $20 for any treatment needed.
Call: (909) 885-2045
Location: 580 W. 5th St, San Bernardino, CA.

But, dental disease is treatable and considered almost 100% preventable.
Unfortunately, many children live with pain from untreated problems. It remains the most common chronic diseasein children, ages 6-11.
It’s even worse in San Bernardino. The Dr. Earl R. Crane Children’s Dental Health Centerprovide screenings to every 1st grader in the San Bernardino city schools. This past 2012-2013 year, between 38-48% of these have untreated pain, an abscess and an immediate need to be seen by a dentist.

You aren’t a dentist, or know a child in need? You can still help!
This great (& FREE) opportunity is made available by the fundraising efforts of the members of the Assistance League in San Bernardino. The dental clinic is also supported by grants. Their upcoming fundraiser is a fun and splashy Headdress Ball. I’m excited to be wearing a headdress and dancing in the show!

Won’t you join me?
I’ll rehearse often and promise to do my part to put on a great show. The ALSB has done this show for 52 years, so rest assured you are in store for professional and fabulous numbers.

Do you love classic cars?
The show’s theme centers around Route 66 and a gorgeous car from each decade from the 1920’s to current will be represented. My car is a deep maroon with gold access, from the 1940’s.

Sponsorships and advertisements are going fast, but there are still a few more opportunities if you would like to participate. Information about deadlines, tickets and pictures from past years are available here.

If you can’t make it, maybe you would also like their Facebook pages:

Dental Clinic



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