Have you ever sat on your phone and damaged it? No worries, a bendable phone and many other cool gadgets were introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Maybe you just lose things. Keys, sunglasses, etc. FinderCodes has created smart ID tags that can be placed in a sticker, keychain or iron on and basically attach it to anything – even your pet’s collar. These waterproof and tearproof GPS gadgets are only $25.

Tech company developed a tablet that you can charge your phone by pressing the two devices together. Fulton Innovation

A table computer has been introduced – Just under 18 pounds, with a 27 inch window Pro 8. (Idea Center Horizon Table PC)

Google has also introduced a self-driving car. I’m not so sure about this one – I enjoy driving.

Samsung has released a teaser video about a transparent tv….
But the weirdest thing is from QuantumVet TriCorder Plus – which promises to diagnose and heal your pet through the power of a quantum computer that downloads a cure to your pet’s brain. It converts your cellphone, PC, tablet to a personal medical tricorder so you can treat your pet at home.


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