This is my favorite sculpture in Dublin, OH. It is a few pieces for an overall extraordinary effect, through ordinary means. Singularly, the pieces were rather plain. There is a bat smashing a clock, targets, a door and a second clock. To me, it signified how fast life goes by, through the analogy of smashing a clock far into the forrest. The clock travels through a few circular targets and eventually goes through a door and lands on the other side. I found the 8 foot steel door an analogy for opening a door to our final destination after this life. You had to pass through the door to see where the clock landed. The other side of the door was a path through the forest. It was a very peaceful meandering path with filtered light, chirping birds and scampering squirrels. The series of sculptures gives you time to reflect on the passage of time, and how quickly it can go. I hope you hit a home run with your time.





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