I started my morning trimming bushes and tree branches. I also planned to dig up my avocado tree, because it died in the recent heat wave. So I thought. I was out of town during a particularly hot week, and came back to a sad sight. There were many brown leaves on the ground, what was left was withered. I was sick the following week, and figured its end could wait another week.

Today, as I approached the tree with shovel in hand, I noticed an abundance of new life springing from its bare branches. I couldn’t do it. The tree was fighting back and still holding on. Most people would probably have dug it up and replaced it with another. But, after losing all my old trees in a fire, I’ve also seen how new life comes back. Two trees have planted themselves in my yard. A jacaranda replanted in the front yard and a mulberry replanted itself in the backyard.

So, I’m giving the little, bare avocado tree a fighting chance. I decided it’s not dying. I pruned off the dying branches, and fertilized it, and gave it a good long drink. Now, I just hope for its survival.


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