I’m off my game. I was travelling for over a week. The lectures were very interesting and inspiring, but my workout suffered. I did get on the treadmill or go for a walk on some days. But, on two days, all I did was sit on an airplane or in the airport. This was tough on the body.

Along with wrecking my workweek workouts, my dietary habits went out the window. I ate well, but I increased snack and sweets.

So, I’m home and back on a regular schedule, but was having a hard time leaving my desk for a lunchtime run. I know the ‘to-do’ pile will still be there – and it is never-ending. There is always something to do.

I finally got back into scheduling my lunchtime exercise, but I didn’t have the desire to run and lift.

I did however, have lovely walks (2 -3 miles each day). The temperature has been in the mid-70’s. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming and smelled amazing. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze. I couldn’t ask for much more. I even saw a family of ducks. I think there were 8 ducklings swimming alongside their mama. Spring is here and I love spring!

Mentally, this was perfect. A great vacation for my brain. I’m a treadmill runner, and this has drawbacks. The route can be incredibly boring.

But, this past week, I came back to my desk ready for the afternoon. I may not be ready to run a 5K next weekend, but I’m not ‘in it to win it’ as they say. I’m in it for my health and to support a great cause. It may have been a slow week, but being outside with nature (pavement, not trails) was super.

In the end, I’m grateful with how my week’s workouts went. I’m pretty driven and self-motivated. Sometimes, I just need to slow down, smell the roses and give my self a break.

Why don’t you join me next weekend at the 5K for abused & neglected children. It’s held in Devore.


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