How to create the perfect Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t make any plans on 2/14. Everything is too crowded.
2. – See number 1.

I have been following this rule for about 14 years and it has served me well.

I also never want fresh cut flowers, because they die and the prices seem higher in mid-February. But, dear readers – I won’t make this a rule. Many ladies love fresh cut flowers and when they show up unannounced – I’m way appreciative.

I’ll refine the ‘no-plans’ clause: lunch, dinner, movies, skiing, live bands, comedy shows, dinner cruises,

So, on to my perfect Valentine’s Day.

This year, we celebrated Valentine’s Day only two days late. First, we slept in, and enjoyed a late breakfast. Then we went on a three-hour horseback ride in the mountains. It was great weather. Mid-70’s, sunny with a slight breeze. The birds were singing, and butterflies were floating by. We didn’t see any other wildlife on this ride, but saw tracks of animals that had been there recently. Coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and skunks are common. Once we saw a cougar in a tree, and bears have been known to be in the area. But, there was no such excitement this time.

After a shower to wash off the horse stink…. I am always honest with you readers. I personally think horses have a sweet smell to them, but I’m under the impression, most people think they stink. Anyhoo…. out of jeans and into a pretty dress to enjoy fine dining – without the need for reservations. ot only that, the restaurant was relatively quiet. Even better! See? More benefits of taking your date out a few days after Valentine’s day. If you have not eaten at Citrone’s in Redlands, they are consistently delicious, and I highly recommend it! If you are a wine lover, this may be your place. Their wine list/menu is longer than their food menu!


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