I’ve lectured, been an inited speaker and written about stress management. So, I wanted to follow up with a FREE stress management seminar.

What you will Get:
* 6 clever ideas to control and redirect anger in a productive way.
* Recognize the 10 signs that indicate serious stress levels, before it’s too late.
* The link between procrastination and stress – understand it and stop procrastinating once & for all!
* Learn how to ensure others don’t load their problems on you.
* Identify & correct 6 not-so-obvious stresses you face – hidden stressors you may not have noticed.

When & Where: 9-4pm on June 28, 2012 at 600 N. Arrowhead Ave. #300, San Bernardino, CA

RSVP with Edith Fomby at 909-888-7881, ext 223 or efomby@sbeta.com


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