I’ve been working a lot lately.


Not just my 8-5, but projects for other people too; clients, friends, non-profits, and my pets. I even neglected housework & yard work for projects! OK. Maybe that’s not so tough to do. But, frankly I’ve been too busy.

It’s ok. I did it to myself.
I have a hard time saying, ‘no’. I want to help everybody. Well, not everybody. But, pretty much anybody who asks me for help. They always have a great cause or something I could actually do. So, I say yes. Usually. There are always exceptions. So, don’t call/email/text/@ me and make an assumption. I’m on to your silly social internet ways!

So tonight, I realized that I sitting here on the patio, just listening to birdsong. That was it. No multi-tasking or thinking. No electronics.

The best part? It even happened by accident.

I really needed it. I’ve been very tired. Just finished a few projects, and it nearly exhausted me. If I had a break in the day during the last week or two – I could have taken a nap! This says allot. I’m always on the go. Thinking. Creating. Running (jogging). Writing. Editing. Fundraising. Collaborating.

But, it was the best break I’ve had in a long time. Nature tends to do that for me. Being in nature is the best rejuv I could ask for. It’s peaceful, relaxing and brings clarity. It’s peaceful enough here on the patio that I’ve had the opportunity to breathe deep and let go. I’m sure it’s like this every night and I’ve been sitting at a computer or on the couch on the phone taking notes.

It’s my fault. I can shut my mind off – or change the tape p[layer in my brain as I sometimes say.

So, all this to say….


The birds have agreed to join me for the next few nights while I enjoy a book. I actually have two books that have been on my waiting list. So, I’m reminding you dear readers – not just myself, to turn off your brain and give it some relax time too.

The sun is still setting, reminding me how much I love slow summer sunsets of this porch.

The hard part may be stepping away and taking the break. But, the easy part will be the view.


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