I have a sparkly costume for the Assistance League of San Bernardino’s upcoming Route 66: Life’s Highway, and am thankful to also have a sponsor for it. My costume sponsor is Tri-County Dental Society and they are a very special organization. Tri-County serves dentists in San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. Tri-County provides support to the community through their dentists who treat patients. They answer dental practice questions, help with ethical considerations and patient complaints. Tri-County is also a huge advocate of dental professionals volunteering in each county, and always encourage more volunteerism.

Because the Headdress Ball primarily raises funds for a dental clinic, I’m super-duper happy about this sponsorship. When a child’s mouth is swollen and they are in pain, they aren’t eating well. A hungry child, who is also in pain, isn’t doing well in school. So, this is an organization that is helping the future of each county at a fundamental level. For several years, Tri-County has organized “Give Kids a Smile” clinics in several cities each February, and run approximately 20 clinics for poverty-level children without insurance who would otherwise have remained untreated. This wide-spread event is accomplished through private practitioners, who open their dental offices on a specified day.

After the cancellation of adult denti-Cal, Tri-County has recently started assisting adults, and these clinics can be found here on their public resources page.

More information about Ball tickets:
If you know a poverty-level uninsured child who needs assistance now, please feel free to refer them to the ALSB dental clinic, which is available throughout the year. (909) 885-2045.


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