I’m not a mommy blogger.

If you’ve read a few of my blog posts, this is not new information. But, I stumbled across an entire group of non-baby blogging ladies and have joined their ranks.
Let me be clear. I love kids. They are fun. I”m creative & playful, so they tend to love me back. But I have not been blessed with any children.

I couldn’t give any great advice on how to raise children from first hand experience. I have no funny kid stories. I do volunteer for a couple organizations who assist children – some are abandoned or abused children – others are from low-income families, who are uninsured and in need of assistance. I’m pretty passionate about kids causes. I also have 7 furkids… well, one has feathers. The other 6 are furry. I participate in all kinds of non-kid stuff. I work allot, never leave for school meetings, IAPs, sports or when they get sick. I can go on a vacation & they don’t complain they aren’t invited and somebody else stays with them while I’m gone. I ride motorcycles and horses. Maybe all the tuition I’m not saving for is spent on hay and tack.

This group is not anti-anything. They just aren’t mommies. I immediately felt a connection to this little community and hope they find me just as interesting.

You can find the other non-mommy bloggers here: http://werenotmommyblogs.blogspot.com/p/start-here.html?m=1


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