What moves you to take action?  For me, it’s because I care.

Giving to charity has always been important to me.  Every charity I’ve volunteered with has been very appreciative of any time given, or donation received… of ANY amount.  So, when I stumbled across Ovenbits unique proposition that encourages people to give to charity, involving my smart phone – I was hooked.  Basically, they are encouraging people to within or below their mean to give to charity and their example is coffee. ‘Instead‘ of buying a coffee, (tea, lunch with a buddy or… choose your item), donate that money to charity.

This app tracks every time you gave to charity, instead of buying or doing something else. The log will remind you of the good work you’ve done and the charities you’ve helped.  These donations are tax deductable, because the company is a registered 501(c)3 too.  Why not download it AND place it on your mobile devices home screen, where it can get lots of your attention?

HOW it will work…
After you open the app, and set up a new account, just tap the “Give” button, and choose an amount for your donation.

After you’ve chosen your dollar amount, you will see a list of different charities. You can search for a charity, scroll down the list and find one you like, or suggest a new charity.  I suggested Assistance League of San Bernardino and Childhelp.  BTW: Here is a link to their Facebook pages (ALSB and CHSB) – they are new pages; please like them both.

After you pick a charity, the app brings you to a mobile Safari page that requests your credit card information. The company takes a 5% cut of the donation, because it handles the costs of keeping the app up, and processes donations on your behalf.

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