A previous blog post described the horses ruining the back of the barn & the feeding ‘dance’, we’ve had since March. This week, we fixed it all.  On Tuesday, we replaced the broken or chewed wood planks with vinyl planks. Ha! On Wednesday we picked up 24′ feet of pipe corral to separate the horses living space.  This fix ensures we no longer wake get up at 4:30AM to feed, to let the horses out at 7:30, to be at work by 8:00.  London can take 5 hours for breakfast now, if she likes. I can leave for work earlier too.

The best part was completed on Friday – the retaining wall and moving an orange tree.  The orange tree burned in the fire, but seemed like it was hanging on .  it was topped & moved out of the way of the bulldozer.  We were amazed it lived and started producing oranges again.  But, it ended up in a bad place, because the original place for the barn was not approved.  The barn’s second location meant we needed to place a fence around the orange tree – to protect it from the horses.  We are hopeful the orange tree will thrive again, in it’s new location.

If you are ever in need of landscaping assistance, I’ve got the guy for you!  Paul Nordmark from Structure Landscaping made the retaining wall around the pool & pond after the Old Fire in 2003 destroyed everything on our property.  We were happy to hire him to come back & help with the retaining wall behind the barn.  I highly recommend Paul. He uses natural products, man made products – whatever your preference.  He creates waterfalls (pondless too), terraces, retaining walls, walkways, and more. He’s travelled to many states, so don’t fret if you are not in southern california.  He is a fine Christian man, who has a fabulous imagination for landscape projects and creates a long lasting product.  He has a book & 2 DVDs available of his work – if you have the muscle, he is also willing to get you started.

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