Another social media success story. Thanks to Facebook, I like many others are back in touch with old friends. When I travel, I try to meet up with somebody in town if I have time. Last night I saw a long-lost friend Melanie, whom I had not seen for about 26 years. We first met as freshman in high school and were friends all four years, participating in drill team. You know, the girls that dance behind the band in parades or at the half time football game? That was us.

She drove about 45 minutes to meet us for dinner – although I didn’t choose the restaurant well. We texted as she was on her way and changed from Bucca Di Peppos to one of our hotel eateries, since I had just arrived. It was a toss iup between Chinese (which had a quiet scene, but looked elegant and expensive. I was in jeans, so we opted for Italian.

The Italian restaurant at the Rio is apparently known for increasing it’s volume of music and movies as the night wore on. Fortunately it was only really loud once. We quickly lapsed into the typical what have you been up to conversations, and probably could have talked for hours.

So here is a picture from last night. While we were there we noticed a dress trend for the ladies, that neither of us wanted to copy. Skin tight dresses that fell about 3 inches below the bum. I wore my designated driver shirt, usually reserved for New Year’s Eve. It was one of the shirts I acquired after the fire, and all those donations are still precious to me. This one was from Rachel Neimeyer-Sutherland. It seemed fitting for Vegas, even though we weren’t drinking, or actually leaving the hotel.

Good times! Now, I’m off to three days and nights of New Media Expo.


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