So, you enjoy using Facebook and Twitter, and only signed up for Google+?  Don’t feel bad.  You are 1 fo 25 Million people who signed up for G+, but haven’t been pulled away from the main social media networks.  Maybe iot’s because all your friends/family/colleagues are on Facebook and/or Twitter – so why should you spend any time learning a new application?  Maybe you wonder how you can manage all three social media networking sites.  If you fall into the latter category, I recommend downloading G++.

G++ is a browser extension (add-on) for Firefox and Chrome that turns Google+ into an integrated social media platform.  You can read your Facebook and Twitter feeds from your G+ stream.   You can also post statuss to Facebook and Twitter directly from G+.  You can Like, Comment, and post to Facebook AND tweet and retweet ALL from G+.

Want to try it out?  Here’s the link:

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