While I was in Ohio, I met my virtual stalker/fan. OK, I need to backup a bit.
First, she never truly stalked me, but she coined the phrase on twitter & I was amused. I reality, she may be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She even donated stem cells to her brother a year ago & is proud of her scar. I know huh? I’m proud to have met her & call her a friend. So, you are now wondering, why does she want to be MY fan? Legit question, because we should all be hers.

So, here is the short story… (boring or interesting it’s your choice to decide)
When I was about 19 years old, I got a job on ABC’s, “Moonlighting as Cybill Shepard’s stand-in and photo double. When hired, Cybill’s contract changed to allow a shorter workday, because she just had twins and I would ‘work’ as Maddie Hayes – usually opposite the co-stars. It was a fun job, and I have many fond memories of my time on the set. So, how does Miss @WimberlyB fit in? Twitter. If you know me, this should not be a surprise. It is my favorite social media application. To understand, please read here

Anyways, unlike Facebook there are no games, but an occasional hash tag can become a game. I joined in #100FactsAboutMe and eventually brushed the cobwebs off my brain and tweeted something like, “I used to be Cybill’s Shepard’s stand-in/photo double on Moonlighting”, and she was in Twitterverse & followed me. She along with a few others who now follow me are also HUGE fans of the show. At some point, they asked questions & I answered as many as I could. Since I lost everything in a fire in 2003, I only had my memory to rely on. My old scripts or episodes were no longer available. But, a virtual friendship started. We met for sushi at Haiku in ‘short north’ (north of Columbus) Ohio. Her husband walked away saying, “Te take away from tonight’s evening – is I’m walking away a little more concerned about you.
My husband thought we were quite similar. Her mom & my hubz mom were concerned for our safety – meeting complete Twitter strangers & all. But, everybody still has their kidneys & we were all authentic online personalities. She is slso welcome to stay with us, if she wanted to visit southern California.

So there it is, and we are no longer’ ‘Moonlighting strangers’.


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