Quick huh?

First a big thank you to the quick response of the Redlands Police Department – specifically Lieutenant Tim Martinez. A super nice guy, who offered his cell phone and for me to call him. I did. He was very helpful and we talked a couple times. I take back my, ‘ummmm’. Redlands matches their motto and IS a ‘city that works’. I would modify the motto to “Redlands is a helpful city that works.”

My original plan was to call RPD or the ticketing office in Tustin to look up why I was given a $155 ticket on State Street – but both offices were closed. You may recall I made 5 guesses about why I received a parking ticket. The guess was parking too long in the 2 hour parking zone – but I was only there for 90 minutes. So, I wrote about my confusion and amusement about the offices not being listed in 411 directory.

However, the post worried some State Street patrons about parking and others about my honesty on how long I was actually parked there. I was called a ‘bold face liar’ because there are signs everywhere’ on State Street. But, having only been there 90 minutes, I knew there was no such sign indicating this kind of time limit. Once again, we made an assumption about the citation, because it was late Friday afternoon and offices were closed to figure out the actual reason.

State Street patrons rejoice!
Length of time was not the reason for the ticket. Which makes total sense.

On to the mystery of why I received a parking ticket. I don’t recall the last time I had a ticket – so maybe I just don’t know how to read them.

I didn’t mention my license tags are out of date & there is a $10 fine for this listed on the citation. There were no comments in the ‘comments section’ and the part about unregistered vehicle had $10/proof. Which I took to mean $10 on top of the fine – for a total of the $155 fine. That was not the case.
I have since seen the parking enforcement officer at the Albertson’s parking lot – going from car to car and handing out similar citations – no front license plate, etc.

I didn’t realize my car’s registration was incomplete last Friday – because this is my husband’s department. We apparently already paid for them – but the sticker had not come in. But, I’m okay with it, because it was brought to my attention and will soon be rectified. We have an appointment this week to pick them up at the DMV office. I offered to take back this duty – but he wanted the cars to remain in his domain & promised to upgrade to Husband 2.0.

I was going to offer to eat crow (not nearly as good as eating at the Eating Place) – but Hubz thinks he really should be eating crow. It’s nice of him to offer, but I’m the one who made the incorrect guess. I didn’t lie. I didn’t know. To me, the citation was not clear.

I love the fact that so many people weighed in – offered their own stories and suggestions. That’s what makes communities work and social media within them interesting. People talking – so thank you to each of you who read and shared your thoughts. Even those who thought I lied about how long I parked on State Street. Actually, I’m generally honest to a fault. See the crow on the plate? 🙂

Either way kind readers, I wanted to be sure to give you this update. Please feel free subscribe or add the RSS feed. One of my next blogs will be about my favorite downtown Redlands shops. I’m there weekly: eating, getting a gift, a facial, a massage, enjoying music or market night. Like you, I love Redlands and all it has to offer.

Lastly, I still think About Redlandsis still the best place to go to determine what to do or where to go in Redlands. It has great listings and great people who work there!


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