In short, NMX Day 1 – or New Media Expo in Las Vegas was 1 fabulous! If you are not familiar, it’s a conference & tradeshow for social media specialists, bloggers, podcasters & content creators. It’s where content makes commerce.

I was quite tired, because I was up late the night before. After I unpacked I was going to iron clothes. The iron had some schmoo on it & stuck to my white jacket. I called housekeeping & requested it to be cleaned, but instead security showed up with paperwork for Rio Risk Management to review and then contact me in 3-5 work days. I will be gone by then, and at my own cleaners I suppose.

The lecture were great, if you followed me on Twitter, you’d know I’m a bit verbose – well tweety. I think the best speaker wasScott Monty from Ford about how they used social media and listened to their customers. I was surprised there were not more Tribber users at Dino Dogan lecture and while Bill Belew spoke faster than a greyhound after a rabbit, he had lots of great information. Today’s take away: listen to customers, be consist, provide quality content, and don’t give up.

The late afternoon delivered a bummer, when I discovered my car was hit in the parking lot, of the Rio hotel. She is drivable, but all I can think about now a new Mustang. But, nobody was in it, nobody got hurt and I’m insured and my Apple will be fixed. Yes, her name is Apple – and I’m a Mac – not a PC. Apple was my nickname as a child, and I like it even more now. My Apple car may be 10 years old, but she is paid off, in great condition with not that many miles, so she will be fixed and loved some more.

The official evening event starts back up at 10 – so I took a much needed nap. I was also invited to check out the rooftop Voodoo Lounge – so that is on the agenda before the 10pm NMX party.


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