Day 2 at New Media Expo kicked off with Guy Kawasaki. Guy may be best known as one of the original Apple employees first, and best selling author second. He spoke about his latest book about self-publishing, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, How to Publish a Book. THe idea arose, from the challenge of publishing, “What the Plus?”

We, the audience came away with much more. The keynote was delivered like a fireside chat and we got to enjoy his hilarity. Some Guy Kawasaki gems:
“I stand in line at the Apple stores, just like every other schmoe.”
“I wish I had been in the room when they were discussing the iPhone 5 plug and how to screw 100 million people.”
“Real me use Androids” – Yes. that’s what he said. He was disappointed with the iPhone5 pin decision. (Who wasn’t), but to hear him admit it was surprising for some reason. The whole room seemed to giggle and clapped.
“Too many people on social media have a sense of entitlement, creating trolls. I just block them.”
“If Apple called, I would go back. I would work for these three companies: Apple, Google and Nike.”
“I have a thousand times more communication with Google than Apple.”

Now for the best gem of the morning. I had the opportunity to speak with Guy after his keynote – but before he was mobbed by the masses. The NMX Co-Founder thought I was with Guy and asked who I was. Just me. I’m nobody. To which Guy responded, “Nobody’s are the new somebody’s.”

Love it.


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