One Good Dog is a wonderful, heartwarming and tender story. If you are a dog lover or animal lover, you will want to read this story of two paths intersecting in life. A man and a dog. Both characters had their own voice, and I liked the “on the other paw” references. In fact, the dog’s story kept me intrigued more than man’s.

Adam was a self-made millionaire. A high powered businessman who focused on climbing the ladder to success, at the expense of personal relationships. He was abandoned to foster homes as a child and virtually escaped his past. He missed many important life events while away at work, so his family desired for nothing. His drive was his eventual downfall, and he lost his job, his home, his wife and family. His inability to overcome past disappointments and rejections eventually collided with his future. After a mental breakdown, he was required by the courts to perform community service at a homeless shelter. While he was there, he had to overcome his arrogance and learn to live more humbly – and crosses path with a mutt.

The mutt is introduced being rescued from a dog fighting operation. He was born in a cage, lived in entire existence in a cage and only let out to deficate, train and fight. He escaped and enjoyed the freedom of the streets for a period of time. During this time, the mutt meets other street animals and homeless people. A pack of two (homeless man and homeless dog) end up being the primary teachers of the importance of love, and connection. Adam reluctantly rescues Chance, thinking he is the homeless mans dog and ends up with pet he did not want. He never owned any pets previously and had struggled in the beginning of this relationship as well.

The loyalty and devotion of man’s best friend is what captivated me. I won’t spoil the ending, but I recommend having tissues handy.

The attached picture is Daisy, my pit mix rescue on her first day home from the shelter. Besides the similar grin, she is also a talkative dog.


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