I was determined to make 12.12.12 a unique day. I had nothing planned, so it was going to be spontaneous. I elicited ideas from Facebook, but I didn’t want to eat 12 donuts. I wanted something unique, but not a food feat. I did get a call from my real estate agent and was needed to show the house. The day was becoming unique. First, it’s my first home, I’ve never had to show a home. Secondly, I usually stay put once I’m at work. Typically, I only venture as far as the University gym around noon. I was happy with this development. I quickly realized I needed to get the agent a key and a lock box. Appointments are not for me. I wanted to be back at work, as soon as the dogs were corralled. I also realized I wasn’t ready for people to make an offer – I’m still emotionally attached. I have a history with this house. I helped design it. I watched it get built, while implatiently living in a trailer in the backyard.

I digress. Now you are wondering why I am selling – this is a post for another day. Another and better 12.12.12. event happened! I didn’t realize it at first, I knew it was coming, but was unsure of the date.

My sister’s cancer is in remission! This is wonderful news to realize. Yes, realize is the appropriate word. I realized it through social media, because she posted her joy on Facebook. For those of you who get news this way and don’t like it, I was giddy. It didn’t matter to me how I received this news. It is a relief to many, not just me.

She loves children. She has 2 biological kids, and has fostered 12 kids that I can remember. There are many I’ve not met. These kids are better off because of her. She is an outgoing and passionate Christian who embraces life. I rejoiced and many of you rejoiced with me on my Facebook page. I am especially grateful, because I lost both my parents and another sister to cancer. Which is a post for another day. Maybe.

12.12.12 was unique. It was wonderful and memorable. It was perfect.


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