Recently I’ve blogged about some great causes that have held a 5K. The current cause is needy children in San Benardino and the opportunity to run Route 66 5K.

Maybe you need more inspiration to dust off your jogging shoes. According to Dr. Peter Schnorhr, chief cardiologist from the Copenhagen Heart Study, found jogging was associated with a 44% reduction in the risk of death compared to non-runners. Basically, joggers live an average of 6 more years than non-joggers/runners! But, they get more than a longer life. People who ran/jogged also reported an overall sense of well being. The researchers found the optimum benefit came from people who jogged at a slow-to-average pace for 1 to 2.5 hours each week. These revelations are the latest research from the Copenhagen heart Study, which began in 1976 with 19,329 participants ranging in age from 20 -79.

Run Route 66is scheduled for May 20 and they are still taking online registrations…….


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