I am a runner. Writing this makes me sound so dedicated. And fast. Neither of which really define me. I am consistent though. I made a commitment to myself to increase my weekly cardiovascular and strength training regiments a few years ago and stuck with it. I was at zero in 2010. Life got in the way and ‘busy’ took over and excuses crept in. 1/1/2011 I started with stretching and could not even run a .25 lap around the track. I was embarrassed to be so out of shape. I looked in shape, but was not physically strong, and fast any longer. I was also not ready to chalk it up to being older.

Don’t tell my dogs, but I run without them. They would not understand.
I run 3-10 miles every week on a treadmill, and then I push weights around. I understand how hard it is schedule in exercise, so I commit to fit my workout it in at lunch. Studies show the brain is quite active after a workout and I want to be ready to finish the day strong! Plus there is the release of happy endorphins. Many times I’ve walked to my car, not wanting to workout. I always promise myself if I still feel that way after I get dressed, then I will take a day off and sit in the sauna. This has only happened once. Some times, I am slower and less motivated – but I still go. Maybe I am hoping for the endorphin rush….

Some of my friends are real runners! They run marathons and grueling mudruns. Others are experienced Cross-fitters, and I am so less athletic than them. But, once in a while I feel worthy of inspiring the rest of you. Today is one of them. I feel great, lean and fast.
I feel this way primarily because of running/jogging/walking. All I really need are my tennis shoes. Some people even like to run barefoot. I don’t have to be a member of a gym, I can just go for a run. This is my favorite thing to do when I travel for work. I get to see a little bit of the area I am visiting. It gets even better because I can use mobile version of Runkeeperto map my run, and track the number of miles I’ve collected over time. I also find Pandora is usually a better companion than my iTunes.
Now I must run – off to the gym for my workout. Its never about the glory of winning a race (I doubt I’ll find that kind of time to train) but they do keep me motivated to train consistently.


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