The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency is a One-Stop Career Center providing employment related services at no cost to job seekers and businesses. Whether you are searching for a job or looking for a new employee they can help. Their goal is to bring together employers, job seekers, educators and social services to serve as a resource for workforce development.

They can reduce the recruitment and hiring costs, because their services are free. They provide no-cost HumanResource Services, Staff Development, Hiring Incentives, Skill enhancement through e-learning. They test applicants for computer skills, prescreen for you, and refer only the qualified candidates for an interview. If somebody comes to your office, and you want to hire them, ou can send them to SBETA at 600 N. Arrowhead Ave #300 in San Bernardino to see if they qualify. If they candidates qualifies, your business still receives the benefit. They also have performance measures – employee must get employment and retain employment.

SBETA can help defray on-the-job training costs of new hires. By partnering with sbeta, they reimburse your business 50% of new hires full time wages up to the first six months of their employment.

SBETA can identify federal, state, local tax credits that your business is eligible to earn as a result of hiring individuals from targeted geographical areas or specified categories. What are you waiting for? Give them a call. The agency is federally funded and overseen by the City if San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board (WIB). 909-888-7881


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