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A successful text message marketing campaign has many moving parts. That’s why we provide state of the art technology to give your campaigns a personal touch to ensure success. Our text campaigns bring your existing customers back more often. Our service allows you to connect instantly with opt-in customers nearby.

Keep your customers informed, make more money, and build a successful text-based mobile marketing plan today.

  • Get started today with custom pricing and services to fit any budget.


Social media is about engagement. A successful marketing strategy goes hand-in-hand with social media. Chances are if you started a business you’re passionate about seeing that it succeeds. And chances are too, it keeps you busy.

You want to build relationships with your viewers and earn their trust and loyalty. Active and organic social media engagement will lead to more fans and followers but that takes time.

Giddyup Genie’s managed social media service enables you to spend your time on what you love and do best since we do the work for you.

For peace of mind, you are not roped into any costly contracts, you can cancel anytime.


We design user-friendly, modern websites based on your business objectives & customers. We are happy to create a website that fits your unique needs. We’ve built a variety of businesses websites for dental specialties, political candidates, churches, authors, Christian and non-profit organizations.

A good website should guide your customers to act and calls for action should be clear and self-explanatory. In addition, navigation menus should be minimized, so your customers can move through your site with ease and find what they need. Our mobile responsive designs accomplish all of the above.

Our websites load quickly. Users become frustrated or click away from slow loading sites. Quick loading websites do better in every category: search ranking, user experience, and user engagement. Search engine optimization is included and essential.

If you are starting a new project, we can purchase your domain name, set up hosting, site back-up and security. During the entire process, you are always in control and decisions are made only after your approval.

In the end, you’ll own your domain name and all the content. We provide usernames and passwords for all hosting and site management. We will never hold your domain name hostage.


Reliable ongoing market research is critical for success. Our team will work with you to develop questions and strategy around your brand. Polling is available for every business, around any topic. Our clients know what their customers think.

We utilize telephone survey software to provide our clients actionable insight. Polls are designed to represent the opinions of a population and can be as simple as single question text-to-vote or scientific and statistically accurate.

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