Website owners have the ability to analyze which pages are visted, entrance and exit points, demographics and a varieity of other information. During a demographic analyzation, I noticed a few cities in South Korea follow my blog. I don’t know anybody in South Korea. I have met some dental professors from South Korea who visited my University. They gave me a business card holder, which I absolutly cherish. It’s silver, inlayed with abalone and gorgeous. I always have it on me. When I travel, and want to downsize I place my room key, drivers license and some cash in it and walk out the door. I like to jog in the cities I visit and it goes into my pocket before I head out the door. Along with iPhone and Pandora for running tunes of course! But, I digress. I’m pretty sure none of them are following my blog.

South Korea first grabbed my attention during the 1988 Olympics. It seemed like such a vibrant city, but when I learned it was called, “Land of the morning calm” – I was hooked. I’ve seen the beauty of this country through the internet and a friends photographs. It utterly captivates me. The two main things that fascinate me about South Korea are it’s architecture and landscape, but it’s people seem to love mobile technology as much as I.

I love the Asian influence in their architecture. There are palaces, skyscrapers, and shrines to deceased royals. There is even a revolving restaraunt atop a mountain in Seoul! There are also museums, theaters, coffee shops and restaraunts – just like at my home.

Majestic mountains, granite cliffs, rolling hills, trees, rivers, lakes, parks, stony roads and a variety of wildlife add to the cityscape andlandscape of the country.

So, this is my thanks to my new South Korean friends. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you and maybe one day I will get the opportunity to visit your country in person. We will of course have to arrange a Tweetup!


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