Organic vs. Non-organic food

Researchers at Stanford University have recently reviewed over 200 studies on the benefits of organic versus non-organic food. They have determined the nutritional content of both types of food are about the same. Organic milk and chicken may contain more omega-3...

It’s all Greek to me

Do you have plans this weekend? How about the Greek Festival? It’s this Saturday & Sunday, June 9 and 10 from 12 – 9PM. There will be authentic Greek food, live Greek music, you can watch greek dancing exhibitions, and learn how to do the dances...

Counting calories?

Counting calories? There’s a fun app for that: Meal Snap! Once launched, you take a picture of your meal and it tells you the approximate calories you are about to consume. I find it especially useful when I dine out. Enjoy the magic of technology.

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