While I was in England I heard about the Monkey Forest, and knew I had to take a walk on the wild side.


Approximately 140 Barbary macaques live and roam free in this woodland home, which includes a trail for us humans to follow and enjoy their world. I discovered conservationists were concerned about the decline of this species and the number of wild Barbary macaques.

These monkeys don’t have tails, but it didn’t stop them from swinging in the branches.


The monkeys roamed the grounds freely, ran after each other, up trees, jumped across branches, screamed and made faces at each other.

In a word – adorable.


The walked across the road we were on, sat on the railing, but were not domesticated. They were definitely wild. Because of this, no food was allowed in the park. Each monkey has a number and they are cared for and studied by researchers at the park.

I saw four newborn babies (under 5 months),

some juveniles, adults and the monkey king. He was 26 years old, and not actually a king.


Over 600 monkeys have already been reintroduced back into the wild mountains of Morocco.

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