This post is dedicated to the city of Birmingham, in the UK. After I left it, people asked where I had been, a few were quite surprised I visited Birmingham – and then insisted I visit their city. I found the people in England were quite friendly and kind. But, I think Birmingham was a great place to visit, and this is why:

Birmingham, an industrial city, is the 2nd largest city in England – with over a million residents and boasts six universities. Immediately, Birmingham reminded me of a city of contradiction, because there was a delightful mixture of old historic architecture, as well as fabulous modern architecture. I learned this dichotomy was created after heavy bombing during WWII. Birmingham dates back hundreds of thousands of years, and it boasted numerous statues which were hundreds of years old. I loved it and really enjoyed walking around the city.

I was mostly in the center of the city, where there are restaurants along the canal. I was asked if the food was bland, and that is not the case. I really enjoyed the meals I ate along the canal.

20130914-164558.jpg There are certainly other places to eat, but the canal had such a pleasant view, I ate along it daily at different places – and loved the food. My hotel was in walking distance to the symphony, royal ballet, the art museum,

20130914-164059.jpg a fabulous shopping center and four train stations (that I found). So, day trips to other towns – like visiting Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford Upon Avon are easy!


My favorite old building was the City Council building, which was attached to a FABULOUS Museum and Art Gallery (click for pics).

20130914-162920.jpg My favorite new building was the Selfridges store,

20130914-163703.jpg which seemed to be happy because of all the circles. I was also quite impressed with the architecture at the University of Birmingham and truly enjoyed walking around that campus.

If are planning a visit to England, I think you should add Birmingham to your list.

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