My husband loves his recent Valentine’s present. Just adores it! He’s talked about it every day since he got it.

What is it?
Tools? Nope.
Motorcycle Gear? Nope.
Computer crap? Nope.
Electronic gadgetry? Nope.

Give up?

A simple iPhone case!

But, apparently it’s a very cool & an extremely durable iphone case. I just liked how it looked and thought he would too. The case is wooden, and the design looks like a classic Instamatic disposable camera. The inside has molded groove when it clicks into place, with a hidden tongue and groove joint, creating an easy snap closure. The inside is soft and velvety, firmly securing the iPhone. He gets asked about it every day since he’s had it.

You know how the corner can break off plastic cases?
Don’t worry. It’s still in tact. He had the phone case about a week and dropped it on the garage floor. It landed hard – and on the smallest/thinnest edge. The side where the volume control is…. He loves it so much, he just stood in shock for a few seconds

Tested By Rottweilers
Just long enough for our 5 month old Rottweiler to pounce on it like it was prey. Consequently, he skid across the floor like he was ice skating. Now, the Hubz was REALLY concerned. He was positive there would be scratches across the case, in addition to a piece chipped off the side. But, it’s made of bamboo, which is an incredibly strong and sturdy wood. It’s in perfect shape, without a scratch!

Do you want one too?


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